Welcome to Tasty FN Recipes. I wanted a good resource for quickly sharing recipes with everyone. I have a real passion for cooking, whether it’s slow cooking a brisket for 18 hours or making a fantastic desert and everything in between.

Admittedly I have yet to cook everything that I have a recipe for, but I’m trying my hardest. I made up a decent portion of these recipes and others I added to my repertoire after seeing them in a magazine or the Internet.

I will be adding new recipes on a regular basis and will also gladly take any feedback or tweaks you might enjoy. Feel free to submit new recipes as well, some of the greatest cookbooks out there have been from community cookbooks all over the country.

Dig around, or come back at your leisure, or come back for dinner ideas but more importantly enjoy poking around. See an idea you like? Use it, tweak it and make it your own after all it’s part of the fun isn’t it?

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